Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us  585-293-BUYS
(Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm / Saturday 9am - 1pm)

Our Properties:

 How do I schedule an apartment tour ? Contact ALA Real Estate Solutions to schedule a time to tour an apartment. Contact us via eMail or call.

 Is parking available?  Yes, Either off-street or on-street parking is available depending on the property.

 What are the average utility bills ? Utility bills vary by property, your usage, and weather conditions. For most properties, water is included in your rent.

You can contact service providers directory to inquire about average utility bills for any unit:
• Monroe County Water Authority - Customer Service: (585) 442-7200 (Toll Free) 866-426-6292 (H2O-MCWA)
• RG&E - Customer service (billing inquiries, turn-ons/turn-offs, energy choice) - 1.800.743.2110
• Time Warner (Cable TV, Internet, & Digital Phone) - (585) 204-6368

Who do I call if I need a repair ? Please complete and eMail the Report a Repair form located on the home page.

Lease Terms:
Can I see the lease before applying ?  Please visit the ALA Lease Agreement to view the lease.
How much is the security deposit ?  The security deposit is equal to the cost of one month's rent. Receipt of the security deposit is required prior to moving in.

Applying to Rent:
How do I apply to rent ? Each tenant must complete and eMail the ALA Rental Application form located on the website.

What is the application fee ? There is NO Application fee required.

How long does it take to hear back regarding my application ? Your application will be processed within a 48 hours. Once a Credit, Employment and Reference check is complete you will be notified. Applications are processed in first-come, first-serve order, so please return your application as soon as possible.

What are the next steps if my application is accepted ?  ALA Real Estate Solutions Management will contact you to inform you that your application has been accepted. We will then forward two copies of the lease to you. You will need to have all tenants sign the lease and return it along with a check for the security deposit. Signing the lease can either be handled remotely or by arranging a meeting with ALA Real Estate Solutions Management.

Prior to move-in day please contact all applicable utility companies to establish new service accounts.

On move-in day, please bring a check for the pro-rated cost of the first month's rent. You will receive keys, an orientation and perform a walkthrough of the unit with an ALA Real Estate Solutions Representative.

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